TG_040Gorey Shipping provides an on-demand transport service to ports in Channel Island waters, including France and England. Based in Gorey, Jersey, trips from and to any accessible port in the area are available.  Weather and tide permitting, we go when and where you decide.*

To make sailing commercially viable either a minimum number of passengers is required, or a minimum fare must be agreed. We are licensed to carry 12 passengers at a time.  We also arrange sightseeing trips, excursions and island tours for mixed groups or private charters.  The Betty Mae is the vessel we use and for bookings and enquiries please go to her site www.BettyMae.netBetty Mae

We also give support to wildlife or seabed surveys, act as a crew transfer or dive support vessel and provide safety and standby services.  We can carry a limited amount of freight.

*Subject to Customs & Immigration requirements in France and the Channel Islands